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07 July 2020 @ 12:30 pm
/semi-friends only/

Hayashi Maya. Czech Republic. Random fangirl.
Czech girl with Vietnamese origin who wants to live in Japan 8D
Cheerful. Optimistic. Lazy, but sometimes hard-working. Ultimate dreamer.

Prince of Tennis/TeniMyu |  Kuroko no Basuke | Uta no Prince-sama | Shingeki no Kyojin
Musicals | AMUSE | Johnny's Entertainment | Henshin Heroes | NEWS
Takahisa Masuda | Koyama Keiichirou | Sakurada Dori | Inoo Kei |

Oh, my fandom is pretty wide.
...more on profile

I love NEWS and mainly Massu like burning. AHHH.
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30 July 2018 @ 06:10 pm
twistserve_tcg Let's play also! :D
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31 July 2017 @ 11:35 am
MUHAHA. This gonna be fun!
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18 March 2014 @ 02:17 pm

How is everything going, everyone? :)

For me...I started the part-time job and got first payment, which..oh goes to NEWD 10th anniversary DVD and manga based on Shige's novel. I wanted to buy his novels too, but I'll keep it for later :( Until I improve kanji!! :D

Teaching chess :DDD I have two groups of 10 or 7 children, but it's exhausting :D I mean..it gives me power but at the same time it makes me really tired :D But I love it, it's fun, but 45 minutes for a lesson is really a short amount of time. I don't usually end in time. It's because I'm used to teach for 2 hours with breaks so... 45 minutes are not enough. But fun!

Aaand :D I tried to apply for AIESEC with my flatmate. He actually persuaded me into it. But unfortunately he wasn't accepted :(
I discovered the news just today, that I passed their selection, so I'm happy but there's kind of inner conflict in me, because my friend didn't get in.

AIESEC is ain international student organisation that creates various interships, job offers and works with companies etc. to connect students together? You don'T get paid for your work, but it's deinitely a good experience thow to improve your speaking skills, time management etc. It takes quite some time...10 - 12 hours so :D

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01 March 2014 @ 01:11 am

So, second semester started two weeks ago! :D

First exam period was finished successfully, but I hope second one will be even better!

I made a lot of nice friends! :3

Haha, second semester began nicely and pretty successfully!

First, I got a 2-week intership at Agecom! I originally applied elsewhere, but can't be helped, I was assigned here! Though I don't mind, it'll be a great experience. No idea what I will do :D It's a comany that provides analysis and problem solving, mainly in field of communication and media. I'm looking forward to it. Preceeding interview was pretty funny xD

I was interviewed by two of our professors... They asked me what is my motivation, where I'd like to apply, in what 'm better than others... We laughed a lot (lol), I hadn't imagined it would go like that xD We even talked a lot about chess haha, one of them seemed to know something about professional chess? xDD The interview took...3 minutes exactly.. One girl timed it. (Most of people were there for 7 - 10 minutes, so I was kinda....)

Also, got a partime job! :D Chess trainer at elementary schools! And you know, I'm super lucky but I got two schools near to my house, they are just..10 minutes by walk! Incredible! (Prague is huge and traponsporting takes a lot of time.) Salary is pretty high, for a student so... money will be handy! XD I'm teaching 2 45-minutes lessons on Thursday ~ But it will be...大変 "taihen"...I can't come up with English equivalent (lol), since these are big groups of small children. I don't have experience with such mass yet :D Anyway, I'll do my best. I'm looking forward to this too, I love kids haha XD

What else..well I don't know. There are many reasons to be happy :3 Friends, school, family...Well lately, life is being busy D: XD Various events, meetings, chess, school work, all kind of stuff. And I like it XD

Also, adding to my list of things-to-do.
Make a research and study following fields:
- Asian Studies (concerning China & Koreas & Japan mainly + South East Asia)
- human rights and peace
- humanitarian affairs
- enviroment

I think that's what interests me most these days? I think that I want to focus on these in future career...

LOL and I don't think that I want to become an ambassador anymore :D

What put me off is the survival training and I don't want to be tortured and die, thank you xD Or...at least, not to become one in a common process haha XD

17 February 2014 @ 11:30 pm

List of things I want to start doing. In near or far future, it doesn't matter. Well, okay, near future XD

Random order as it comes to my mind.

- get a scholarship to Japan
- learn to snowboard properly (well I can, but I want to improve! :D)
- learn to play guitar - everyday for at least 10 minutes
- improve singing (possibly joining some random course? I'd love join choir ww)
- work out a bit / zumbaaaa w
- swmming - once in two weeks (?)
- get a part-time job for weekdays
- learn to cook (and to live healthy?)
- improve chess rating to 2000
- volunreeing! (a lot!)-
- summer job / volunteering! (hopefully I can get a place at chess camp and camp in Switzerland?)
- improve skatng skills
- improve Japanese (kanjiiiiiiii)
- study regularly, do homework in advance w (naive wish?)
- read newspapers regularly / other journals
- traveeeeeel
- get an intership
- experience a lot of things
- read books (at least two in a month lol) /used to be a bookworm before school got serious and since then I find it difficult to get a bookw which would interest me
- improve French & Vietnamese - get a translator's seal of office in Vietnamese! :D
- chess everyday at least for 10 minutes
- join Nihongo Benron Taikai
- do you best ww

EDIT: join The Goi Peace Contest

Motto: DO IT NOW!!

What about you? :D

28 September 2013 @ 09:58 pm
Today was pretty epic, so just sharing the story :D

I moved to Prague today, because university starts this Monday. LOL Funny is that I brought clothes and books and all needed stuff, but I forgot key of the flat in my hometown!! :D I couldn't go back because it's pretty far...more than 350 km so it makes almost 4 hours by train. But my roommate was coming too, so I wated in front of the house for 3 hours, absolutely ignoring everything around. I was sitting/lying or dancing on the grass and singing pervert JP songs, mostly from NEWS like Bambina or Chankapaana. The people passing by were giving me weird looks, but who cares :D I enjoyed myself a lot haha. Thankfully they didn't know the meaning of the songs :D

Also, lately I'm meeting a lot of Japanese people. Few on Twitter, sharing the same fandom - NEWS - as me :D Haha, some of them were surprised that I'm not Japanese LOL. I understand their Japanese and I'd love to talk with them but it's pretty difficult, to keep some normal convo :D It takes me a lot of time to make sentence, but I think it works. LOL. One told me that I'm pretty skilled. Thought I guess they say it often. But yeah, I'm happy I can talk with them! OuO

And also as I am in Prague, I talked with a random Japanese girl I met! I was trying to buy a ticket for the luggage, but didn't know how to buy it from the machine. And she didn't know how to either, so I went to buy it for us and we discovered that we had same way! So we talked a bit and it was really fine! OuO

Woohoo, I'd love to meet more Japanese people OuO
04 August 2013 @ 10:03 am
Hello hello! How are you doing? :) Hopefully, everything is fine and dandy! ;)

Few stuff to say:
1) I got accepted to Charles University in Prague! I had uite hard time deciding where to go because I've been acceped to four schools which all of them have their pros & cons, but in the end, this one won. Capital will be exciting I guess! Big international city with many foreigners which is complete opposite from my sleepy town (but I like it) ww. My close friend and I found a flat for rent where we'll stay with 2 random boys lol. We don't know them and have never seen them yet, but they are son and friend of the owner :DD That will be... interesting. 2 more months to start of university o.O
[Holidays so far! ww]
2) Spent first week of July at a Vietnamese buddhistic camp in Czech but most of people probably weren't buddhist. Few vietnamese monks from France (from buddhist Plum Village, students of Thich Nhat Hanh) came to teach and play with us, which was very fun :3 Also, I rarely, very rarely come to contact with Vietname kids (I'm more Czech-ish), so this was quite interesting.

3) Then I went to chess tournament with my friends. Surprising we played quite well and we reached higher place than our seed number w. I haven't played nor trainer for months but I was uite lucky I guess and scored 4.5 points out of 7.

4) The best things so far - Children's Week in Switzerland (buddhist camp). This year, more Czech kids (4) were coming, so it was merrier! Wuooo, I was so happy that most of my friends from last year came this year too! Ww. It was very fun and tiring too though. I volunteered myself to wash the dishes in the morning with my friend, so we had t owake up at 7 and work since 7:30 until 9 in the kitchen, but with him, it's always fun so it passed very quickly. Then we had morning prayers and class of buddhist philosophy until 12, when we had lunch. After lunch we had variety of workshops we could attend, like soap stone carving, dancing, making friendship bracelets, Tibetian, sport and games and many fun activites. In the afternoon, there were some activities too.
Also food was simply delicious. We got to try a lot of Tibetain food. But lol. I tried Tibetain tea and it's bleh :D I gave it to my friends but they were like bleh too. Though there were exceptions :D

Really, I had amazing  9 days here, without any worries, stress, hate or whatever. People were too nice and kind, monks are just AWESOME! ;)
I miss them already. It's uite sad when you say each other, 'See you next year!', because the children here are from various part of mostly West Europe, but there were few from US, Ireland and India too. In total, 17 nationalities of age from 5 to 80! XD

Friends invited me to come to their place to Austria & Switzerland, so I hope we can see each other at least two times in a year :D Another friend is planning to persuade whole class to go for a trip to Prague after graduation ww. Yes, do! /prays

Www we're also making plans about going to Switzerland for a part time job next summer. I mean, Czech is not that poor country in Europe, I guess it's somewhere a bit above average, but hell, Swiss salaries are highest in Europe. I asked my Swiss friend how much he earns for a parttime job and told me, nothing much, just around 1000 euros. HOLY #&@{}. That's average regular salary here. Accomodation is at friend xD /butting in everywhere yess/ I'll write more about Switzerland later.

5) I forgot how to fangirl. It's a big deal.
I rather study German/Japanese now, or read articles about psychology, philosophy (mostly buddhistic), watch documentaries and interesting videos than stalk fandom. PoT/AMUSE/KnB/seiyuus/whatever I'm just like, mmm, it's fine but no asdfghjkl XD
There are few exceptions like Kakki's voice, Ishida Akira and my friends' singing and Dalai Lama :DD (yess he's coming to Prague in September so I hope to see him asdfghjkl)

Seriously. LOL what should I do.

LOL yeah, began studying German :D
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23 December 2012 @ 11:57 pm
Dear everyone! :)
Whether you celebrate Christmas on Dec 24 or Dec 25 or Jan 7 (like in Russia), it doesn't matter. I would like to wish you wonderful time during Christmas holidays! It's time when I guess we can relax a bit and take a rest from a daily routines and problems (hopefully) and spend some time with our love ones. It's a time of happiness, time when we might get a chance to change something /like befriend our enemy/, say unsaid :) Each of has prefer spending Chrismas differently, one on parties, one on mountains skiing, anything you'll do, I hope you'll enjoy it and then, start off with a right step to the new year!

Blablabla, Merry Chrismas to you and your families, have wonderful holidays and a lot of health, love, luck and happiness in year 2013! 


P.S. LOL some of your Christmas Cards will arrive...late...Or earl for following Christmas? I'm sorry for that, but...well... I'm just horrible when it comes to meeting deadlines.

Keep smiling because it's a sign that everyone understands! :)
06 July 2012 @ 11:41 pm
Hey, because now I have nothing to do... (except finishing that chess thesis in 3 days and covering Ryoma's part in Departures for group cover in 2 days and studying for final exams next year and mainly studying French and preparing for chess tournament after long time)
I've been wondering if you don't have something to request? Or something you want, what would make you happy, or just randomly request something to make me happy because I have nothing to do (or need some activity to keep me active :D) xD

Haha, so what can you request?
*Blog translation - haha, used to do few in past. I need to practise my lame Japanese. Preferably TeniMyu or TeniPuri seiyuus xD (hmm, I've been having an eye on Suwabe and TakaNao recently XDD Shame that Kaida Yuki doesn't have one, so following her Twitter)  
*Drawing - pretty much just black and white. My colouring sucks (digital or normal, both :D). I draw better with the pencil, but I can draw some funny strips digitally (I'm not that good drawing digitally, I'm a beginner! XD) Maybe you want som sample...? Too lazy. TeniPuri/UtaPuri/Soul Eater/FMA/Hetalia or something related or something I like XD 
*Fanfiction - I need something to get me back to writing! 8DDD TeniPuri. Main 5 schools. Yeah, Higa included! XD With main characters from others too.

What can I do next... 

Well I can do a lot of things. Coding a LJ layout, timing subs (but I would need subs XD), do some graphics and handwork (damn I made a book with real binding myself so don't underestimate me) (send it to you), stand on my head (can send you a photo), cook, fangirl, spam... I don't know. I can do a lot of things, really! XD If not, I would learn it. Challenge is my second best friend!

Request anything, whatever is fine with whoever too, I see what I can do about that XDD 

I need just some work :D /relaxing at home before getting to busy part of holidays XD)

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